How to write a Corporate Profile

How to approach building a Corporate Profile

The main differences that a Corporate Profile has in comparison to an individual’s CV is that they are much shorter, not written in the 3rd person and the document must be designed with the business’s branding in mind. Therefore, the profile must clearly and concisely elevate the employee’s overall skills and expertise and demonstrate how these competencies are applied in his/her role within the company. It is vital to include key achievements that have been delivered either throughout the individual’s employment within the business or more historical achievements from their career history.

Additionally, the Corporate Profile must be a very easy document to quickly understand as we will not be entirely sure of the ‘end reader’s’ reasons for reviewing it. We would always encourage our clients to keep the document to 1 page of A4 and we must be aware that the business’s branding and key visions / values need to be addressed in addition to the employee’s skills.

Corporate Profiles provide businesses with consistency in approach across multiple engagements as well as being very beneficial for use on websites or any associated social media channels the business uses.

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